Pride Community Management

Was founded from the desire to raise the quality of service available in the industry today. We take pride in being responsive, proactive and effective in managing the day-to-day operations of your association. We offer recommendations based on our experience and the needs of your community and get things done quickly and efficiently.

Are you experiencing:
  • Low service levels?
  • Slow or no response?
  • Inability to have meetings?
  • Frequent manager changes?
  • Missed deadlines?
  • Lack of vendor or project oversight?
  • High collection and legal fees with little to no return?
  • Being a full-time Board Member?
  • Questionable Financials?
  • Out of State Services?
  • Lack of Consistency?
  • Delayed or Late Vendor Payments?

Then let Pride provide:
  • Top Rated Management in AZ!
  • Knowledgeable same-day responses!
  • Technology Driven Solutions!
  • Experienced Community Managers!
  • Results-oriented Management!
  • Engaged Managers motivated for your success!
  • Innovative collection solutions!
  • Management as if we live there!
  • Detail-oriented accounting with thousands of reporting options!
  • Locally Owned and operated!
  • Weekly Community Tours!
  • Weekly Check Runs = Happy Vendors!

Our Experience

With over 100 years of combined experience managing, working with, educating and serving Homeowners Associations in Arizona, you can feel confident in our experience and abilities working for our community. We are certified to manage communities of any size from small condominiums or single family homes to large master planned community associations.


Our Technology and Infrastructure

Pride Community Management, Inc. uses state-of-the-art software and processing that include easy-to-read financial statements, flexible reporting and tracking, allowing us to provide our clients with efficient and reliable financial management services. Our banking services include the latest innovations in electronic payment processing, automatic payments for assessments and a direct software link between Pride Community Management, Inc. and our banking provider for exceptional performance.


Our Service

Our service level is second to none. At Pride, we do not rotate/change property managers, transfer you to a voicemail in a different department when you need answers, or fail to communicate in a timely manner. You will have an owner of the company working directly with your community, get answers and results quickly without having to deal with corporate bureaucracy, receive timely communication and information to answer your questions or concerns generally on the same day.


Our Integrity

Our company's primary goal is to serve our clients with honesty and integrity. We provide a hands-on approach to daily management and an uncompromised commitment to professionalism in order to help our clients create thriving and successful communities. To eliminate conflicts of interest, we are a locally owned and operated company with no "relationship" to any vendor for any of the communities we manage. We continually strive for the best value; balancing price and service quality for all of our communities as if we lived there ourselves.

Chandler Management Team:

Frank Peake - President & CEO
Phone: (480) 682-3209

LeeAnn Castineo - Accounting Manager
Phone: (480) 682-3209

Mary Lou Ehmann - Community Manager
Phone: (480) 682-3209

Michael Sgro - Community Manager
Phone: (480) 682-3209

Carlos Arellano - Community Manager
Phone: (480) 682-3209

Brenda Tande - Community Manager
Phone: (480) 682-3209


Tucson Management Team:

Kenny King
Phone: (520) 829-7120

Austin Aguiler
Phone: (520) 829-7120

Melina Castelo
Phone: (520) 829-7120


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